Scam: The Latest Haryanvi Series Exposes The Dark Underbelly of Life Insurance Fraud Gripping the Nation

In an age where our viewing history is full of captivating web series, we’ve seen regional OTTs create some amazing content that caters to their own audience and brings them entertainment in their own local language. One of the latest examples of such gripping content is SCAM, a Haryanvi web series now streaming on Chaupal. This web series showcases local talent at its best.

Directed by the young and emerging director Chirag Bhasin, the narrative of SCAM delves deep into the unsettling world of life insurance scams that continue to plague our nation. This gripping tale sheds light on how innocent individuals fall prey to these schemes, not only losing their hard-earned savings but also endangering their very lives in the process.

These issues, which have silently corroded the fabric of our society, demand our attention and introspection. SCAM aims to pull these issues out of the darkness and into the glaring spotlight, making audiences acutely aware of their existence and repercussions. At the heart of this riveting series are Vishwash Chauhan and Raveena Bishnoi, showcasing exceptional finesse. In SCAM, they don’t just act, but they embody the spirit of a nation grappling with deception.

Producing regional content has always had its benefits. The first one is promoting content in the native language, to build together a stronger community while making people proud of their Maa Boli. Another one is promoting artists waiting to come out on platforms to showcase their talent, who earlier had bleak chances of competing with already established big artists and never got a chance to make it big.

We have even had hit web series like SCAM 1992 – the Harshad Mehta web series and SCAM 2003 – The Telgi scam that has talked about their own respective scams eroding the country.

Ajay Singh, Content Head, Chaupal remarked “Chaupal aspires to combine entertainment with thought-provoking subjects through the medium of visual storytelling and SCAM is one of them. With an exciting lineup of Haryanvi projects on the horizon, our ultimate objective is to deliver such content not only in Punjabi but also in a multitude of regional languages, including Haryanvi, Bhojpuri, and many more languages to come.”

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