Rahul Gandhi Ko Thand Kyun Nahin Lagti? Science Has The Answer

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s #BharatJodoYatra has been making headlines. The all-time youth leader is walking on the roads along with the other leaders, however, as soon as the Yatra entered Delhi, people were surprised to see that RaGa wore no winter outfits! Moreover, his T-shirt pictures have amazed many on social media.

While the BJP calls it a political stunt/show-off, the Congress party claims it is because Rahul Gandhi is an extremely fit and healthy person. However, science portrays a different story! As per science, it is related to the evolution and certain alterations to the genetic code that have occurred in a subset of humans. 

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As per the scientific research and studies, a particular set of nerve cell receptors in our nervous system directs the brain to function in response to changes in the environment outside of our body. According to a study from 2021, some people can have distinct alterations that increase their tolerance to heat and cold as a result of genetic abnormalities that affect how these receptors function.

Surprisingly, of the 8 billion people on mother earth, it has been estimated that 1.5 billion have the capacity to function and thrive in extremely hot or cold environments. Notably, this is caused by the absence of a protein called a-actinin-3 in their fast-twitch skeletal muscle fibre, claims a study that was published in the American Journal of Human Genetics.

• Skeletal Muscles

The skeletal muscles are made up of both fast- and slow-twitch fibers, with twitch dictating how quickly or slowly the muscle moves. Fast-twitch muscles are what give athletes the rapid burst of energy they need to adapt to changes in external stimuli, while slow-twitch muscles are what provide them endurance and energy. Without oxygen, these fast-twitch muscles produce energy anaerobically.

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The protein alpha-actinin-3, which is encoded by ACTN-3, also known as the speed gene, is crucial for producing quick and forceful muscle contractions. The gene may cause a risk of sports injuries as well as the adaptation to and recovery from exercise. Fast-twitch muscle fibers are the only ones that have alpha-actinin-3 proteins. 

Meanwhile, muscular injuries are not brought on by ACTN3 dysfunction, however, it is harmful to sprint and power exercises. Is Rahul Gandhi amongst these 8 billion people who have the ability to thrive in extremely cold or hot conditions? Well, we don’t know yet, but his fast walking and dedication are being praised by many!

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