SC’s Relief To ZEE Anchor, Rohit Ranjan Gets Interim Protection From Arrest

ZEE anchor Rohit Ranjan, who was arrested by the Chhattisgarh police recently, has got a relief from the Supreme Court. With relation to the FIRs filed against him for allegedly broadcasting a doctored video of ex Congress president Rahul Gandhi, the Supreme Court instructed the relevant authorities not to take any coercive action against him. 

The Supreme Court’s vacation bench headed by Justice J K Maheshwari and Justice Indira Banerjee, issued the ruling. As quoted by news agency ANI:

“SC grants relief to TV news anchor Rohit Ranjan; directs concerned authorities not to take any coercive steps against him in connection with multiple FIRs lodged against him for running an alleged doctored video of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.”

Anchor Rohit Ranjan faced multiple cases for airing former Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s remarks on the vandalisation of his Kerala office as his statement on the Udaipur incident. Though, soon after the show was aired, Zee news and anchor Rohit Ranjan received a lot of criticism all across the media, after which, an apology was issued on the matter by Rohit Ranjan and the content was removed. 

In the video, Rahul Gandhi, when asked about those who vandalised his office in Kerala, told the media personnel, “they are kids, forgive them,” which was shown by ZEE News as Rahul Gandhi’s statement on those accused in the Udaipur incidence. 

As per the media reports, the ZEE news also has taken action against the two video editors who edited the video. In his petition in the Supreme Court, anchor Rohit Ranjan stated that the error was absolutely unintentional.

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