Security Guard Denies The Entry Of Smriti Irani At The Set Of The Kapil Sharma Show

Smriti Irani, Minister of Women and Child Development, has come a long way and now she has reached uptil another step of the career ladder. Smriti has stepped into the ‘Author’s shoes as she is all set to make her writing debut with the book Lal Salaam

Her novel Lal Salaam is set to release in November 2021 and for the promotion of the same, she was to shoot an episode with Kapil Sharma for his show. But due to some misunderstanding, it did not happen and the leader went empty-handed from the set. 

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What happened was, Smriti Irani reached the premises to shoot the episode but the security guard at the sets did not allow her car to enter there. The security guard thought why would a Union Minister travel without any security and bouncers. 

Smriti even told him that she was a guest on the show and is a minister too but he did not agree and repeatedly said that Ministers do not travel alone. Irani waited for 30 minutes till she finally left from the sets as she had a flight to catch. And the scheduled shoot went on to be canceled because of this little misunderstanding. 

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When the show’s host Kapil Sharma, came to know about the whole incident, he apologised to Smriti Irani. One side of the internet is praising the security guard for his honest duty and for his legit decision to not let the minister enter the premises because she was not carrying any bouncer with her. 

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