Why the sequel of Bambukat could never be made?

We loved the pairing of Ammy Virk and Simi Chahal really a lot in Bambukat. This film was directed by Pankaj Batra and was released in 2016. And just like the way we are eagerly waiting for the sequels of Sufna and Qismat, the audience has been waiting for the sequel of Bambukat too. But unfortunately, this film neither could be announced nor made.

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As per the sources the makers were planning to spice up the already hit film Bambukat a bit more, but for this, they’re finding it really difficult to get together the old cast again. This is because the actors now have become more popular and obviously expensive too. Their fees are increased and hence it is a big difficulty for the makers to make it possible. Where Ammy Virk has evolved and became one of the top actors and celebrities of Punjabi Industry, Simi Chahal is also gaining new projects and popularity, and coming to Binu Dhillon, he is no more just a character artist now.  And this is a loud and clear conclusion that getting all three of them together is definitely going to be very expensive for the makers.

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According to some sources, it is also said that one actor was ready to lower down his fees but another was not ready to compromise. In this situation, we feel its really difficult for us to look forward to the sequel of this film.

By the way, we also feel the makers should focus more on fresh content. Indeed it is a safe idea to work on an already hit story, but our people definitely have a lot of potential to come up with new idea.

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