Shah Ji Review: Prem Dhillon Proves Nobody Does Gang Songs Better Than Him

Shah Ji Review: Prem Dhillon Proves Nobody Does Gang Songs Better Than Him

Mark our words, Prem Dhillon is going to be the biggest thing in the Punjabi Music Industry in the coming years. Since his debut, this guy has only stepped up the level and hasn’t disappointed to the least. He dropped the most awaited track ‘Shah Ji’ on his official Youtube Channel today and ‘It Is A Total Banger’

Prem Dhillon has proven once again that he is made for gang songs and nobody does them better than this bloke from Majha. The fans were awaiting Shah Ji’s official version for a long time and Prem Dhillon has blown our minds away with the quality of this. 

The song has a vibe to it, the vibe only Prem Dhillon has the ability to create. His vocals are very strong, there is no doubt about it. Shah Ji’s composition is the perfect one for blowing out the car speakers! The lyrics, the composition and Prem’s vocals, when put together makes Shah Ji an almost perfect song.

Sukh Sanghera has directed the video of the song and we cannot question this man’s ability. This time again, he’s completely nailed it! With extravagant cars, the colourful video and the camera shots are very appealing. 

Coming to the music section, Snappy has become a master producer without a doubt. His last song with Orem Dhillon, Copyright was also praised for its music and was a huge hit and Shah Ji is also undoubtedly going to be the collaboration’s big hit. Recently, Snappy has been giving some real bangers, be it Copyright, Calaboose by Sidhu Moosewala and now Shah Ji. The young music producer has surely come a long way.

Overall, there’s no doubt that this song is going to be loved by the audience because it has nothing to hate. All the departments of the song are simply top-notch and the song is ready to make you gibe to it! 

Listen to the full song here:

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