Shah Rukh Khan Starrer PATHAN To Be Shot In Three European Countries

The Shah Rukh Khan starrer Pathan is expected to conduct its next schedule outside of India. India has become a victim of the second wave of Coronavirus and the one industry that has suffered major setbacks is the film industry. 

Reports suggest that after shooting the first schedule of the movie in India, the team has decided to go abroad for the next schedule. Sources suggest that a major part of the film will be shot in Russia while some suggest that the shooting will take place in Finland. 

However, it is very likely that the shooting will take place in three European countries. The countries have not been decided yet and the decision will be based upon European Union’s travel policies at that time. Producer Aditya Chopra is also making sure that the whole team gets vaccinated before they begin the overseas shoot, so that even if vaccination is mandatory there, they do not land in any sort of trouble. 

The theatres have been shut down again after the arrival of the second wave of COVID and it feels most unlikely that they will open soon, amidst the ongoing terror of the virus. But regardless of all this, the team is not looking like it’s going to give up. 

The director and the whole team is making sure that the movie lives up to its name and expect to make Pathan one of the most successful Bollywood movies ever made. Apart from superstar Shah Rukh Khan in the lead, the movie will also star Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in the roles, which just makes the fans more excited about the movie. 

But what actually makes the fans wait eagerly for the movie is Salman Khan’s feature in the film. Salman will be seen in the role of ‘Tiger’ in the movie. This will be the first occasion after the 1995 release, Karan Arjun, that the two biggest stars of the industry will share screen. 

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are undoubtedly two of the most successful actors in the country and also the most successful Indian actors in the world. Some sources suggest that Salman Khan will be seen making an entry in the movie in a helicopter scene. Their reunion is not something the makers of Pathan will let go lightly. 

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