Jersey Review: Shahid Kapoor & Sincere Emotions Makes This Sports-Drama Film A Heartwarming Treat

StarcastShahid Kapoor, Pankaj Kapoor,
Mrunal Thakur, Ronit Kamra & more
DirectorGowtam Tinnauri
Kiddaan Rating

Bollywood superstar Shahid Kapoor is finally back on the silver screen after ruling the box office with Kabir Singh in 2019. The man has impressed us with his acting skills and utmost brilliant performance in various movies like Vivah, Jab We Met, Mausam, Udta Punjab, Kabir Singh, Padmaavat, and many more. And now his latest film ‘Jersey’ has finally hit the silver screens after getting postponed for a long time. 

Mostly shot in locations of Chandigarh & Himachal Pradesh, Jersey is the story of Arjun Talwar (Shahid Kapoor) whom everyone believes is a loser. Arjun at one time was a brilliant cricketer who now wishes to make his comeback on the cricket field just to grant an innocent gift asked by his 7-year-old son (Ronit Kamra). While the world looks at the actor as a loser who has finished now, only his son is the one who believes in the hero inside his father. And he is the one little soul who revives the long-lost dream of his father. 

Jersey is the official remake of the superhit Telugu film of the same name that was released in 2019. Its Hindi version stars Shahid Kapoor as Arjun Talwar, Mrunal Thakur as his supporting, strong and responsible wife Vidya Talwar and Ronit Kamra as the on-screen couple’s lovely son. Pankaj Kapoor is also an added gem in the star cast of the film who is seen playing Shahid’s coach and guardian in the film. 

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The genre of the film stated Jersey is a sports drama, but to us, it was more of an emotional treat. With so many little wholesome moments the film leaves the fans teary-eyed and overwhelmed. What made the film extremely special for us was the very innocently shot and performed father-son moments between Shahid Kapoor and the young talent Ronit. The little laughs, eye contact, dialogues, contact and expression that they share hits at the right place in your heart. And to make all these little things so special, look genuine and not overdone, the stars, director and the cinematographer have made us bow down. 

Mrunal, the beautiful female lead of the film has indeed led the film like a boss lady. Yes, her screen space is limited, but her beautifully written, developed and performed character ensures to leave a mark in the audience’s hearts. She has not played a wife who is just there to add glamor and not so required love angel in the story. In fact, the way she is seen calmly and lovingly taking care of all house responsibilities represents how strong Vidya is. 

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When talking about the actors especially, Pankaj Kapoor is the man who has impressed us the most. With not too many dialogues also he managed to be so impactful that we connected with him every time he was on screen. Also, the fact that he is the real-life father of the film’s lead Shahid Kapoor made the scenes even more special where the father-son duo shared the screen. 

We don’t think we need to bring this to notice separately that Shahid Kapoor was not only the hero of the film but has added one more character to the list of his best performances. He was phenomenal, relatable, supremely expressive, and heart winning as Arjun Talwar. In the film, he was not like any other hero who is perfect because Arjun was a man with flaws who fought and won over them. 

Also, Jersey is not only about the life story of a sportsman and how he fulfills his dream. But, if rightly said, Jersey is a book where dynamics of relationships have been elaborated in various chapters. The film highlights the pure bond of friendship, the value of money, the ups and downs in a relationship, the kind of balance a marriage requires to be successful, the not so talked about the relationship between a coach and a player, and most importantly how a father is the hero of his child’s life. All these things make the film a wholesome and heartwarming experience to watch.

Mentioning the two other most important aspects i.e., direction and cinematography of the film; Jersey has been directed by Gowtam Tinnauri who has directed the original version of the same as well. and the cinematography of the film has been handled by Anil Mehta. While Gowtam has garnered all the emotions, talents, visuals, music and other things in a beautiful nutshell perfectly, Anil also deserved huge appreciation for the excellence in his cinematography. And especially the scenes shot at the cricket ground were beautifully captured. 

After all the praises, here comes the time to highlight what we feel could have been better in the film. The film is quite long and seems to be a little exaggerated at some moments, which eventually means that better editing could have made it a bit shorter and crisp. 

Concluding the review by stating that Jersey surely has won our hearts and it’s a must-watch for every cinema fan without any doubt. This film has marked one of the best performances by Shahid Kapoor in his career and his fans cannot miss watching it at any cost. 

This review was solely dedicated to the story, performance and overall experience of Jersey. In this, we have not compared it with the original film, hence the fans’ (who have watched the original too) feelings and opinions about this film and the performances may vary accordingly. 

PS: Jersey is the story of the revival of a supremely talented cricketer whose story begins with a jersey and emotionally ends with a jersey too…

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