‘Shamita Budhi, Bohot Badtameez Lady Hai’, Afsana Khan Opens Up About Bigg Boss 15

Afsana Khan’s elimination from the Bigg Boss 15 house has been a controversial topic for many days. It was when she tried to self-hurt with a knife and the Bigg Boss decided to evict her. Later, many unspecified talks of her returning to the house were taking rounds. 

Now when she was officially out of the house she was seen talking about her controversial exit and her rifts with Shamita Shetty and Rajiv Adatia in recent interviews. She mentioned that the hatred of her towards Shamita was not just inside the house, she would be carrying it outside the Bigg Boss too. 

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Uski Dushmani Bahar Bhi Mere Saath Hi Aari Hai. Kahin Bhi Aake Mere Saath Ladd Sakti Hai, Main Taiyyar Hoon’, said Afsana. Not just the last fight of both the artists but many times Afsana and Shamita were seen indulging into fights inside the house. 

Afsana has also said that Bigg Boss always keeps Shamita on the top in their priority list and this is why Bigg Boss is biased and unfair. “Everybody related to her was called a wild card in the house as if it was her personal home. Nobody inside the house likes that ‘Shamita Shetty Aunty’”. 

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Mentioning about her eviction she was upset as Simba once pushed Umar Riaz inside the pool and that was a physical violence but he did not get evicted at that time then why was she evicted even though she did not hurt anyone and was just trying to keep her points during the tasks. 


Further concluding her statements she said that the person who is bad at heart never succeeds in life and now she understands this was the reason for Shamita’s failure in the career and that Shamita Shetty does not have a heart. 

Afsana is still wishing to go back to the Bigg Boss house as a wild card as she has been getting a lot of love from the outside world and people are displeased with her unfair eviction from BB 15. 
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