Shareek 2 Trailer Review: Dev Kharoud & Jimmy Sheirgill Go Head-On In The Traditional Punjabi Tale Of Shreekebazi

Dev Kharoud and Jimmy Sheirgill’s ‘Shareek 2’ has been one of the most awaited films for a long time. It is the sequel to the 2015 Punjabi film ‘Shareek’. The official trailer of Shareek 2 has finally been dropped and the film will be released in theatres worldwide on 8 July, 2022.

The story is what everyone expected. Dev Kharoud and Jimmy Sheirgill go head-on in Shareek 2. The backdrop of the differences created between the two characters, their battle and the conclusion is what the movie is going  to be all about.

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As understood from the trailer, Jimmy Sheirgill and Dev Kharoud play the roles of each other’s kin. However, their ‘Shareekebaazi’ results in a rather ugly equation between the two. A girl makes things worse. The two are romantically involved in a relationship with the same girl.

There is too much going in the trailer that it becomes difficult to understand what the story is actually going to be about. But a little mystery in the trailer always works the best to fetch the audience to the theatres. 

Navaniat Singh’s direction gives the film the required classic Punjabi touch, giving the feel of a film shot in a village of Punjab. For a story that has its roots in the families of Punjab, it becomes important to make the film relatable to the audience. While many directors end up trying hard to make the film too grand and end up losing the essence, the same cannot be said for Navaniat. He’s done an amazing job, making the film a must watch 

It is surely going to be interesting to see two of the finest actors of the Punjabi Film Industry, Jimmy Sheirgill and Dev Kharoud against each other. Don’t forget to watch the film in your nearest theatres on 8 July, 2022.

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