Sharry Mann Comments On Manisha Gulati On ‘Ni Main Sass Kuttni’ Controversy

The film ‘Ni Main Sass Kuttni’ was nearing its worldwide theatrical release when an objection by Manisha Gulati, Punjab Women Commission’s Chairperson came their way totally unexpected. She objected that the title of the film was problematic.

Manisha Gulati stated that ‘Ni Main Sass Kuttni’ was extremely degrading and disrespectful towards women and also raised her concern that the film could encourage violence in Punjabi culture. Manisha Gulati raised these objections via a social media video.

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Soon after the objections by Manisha Gulati, Team Ni Main Sass Kuttni held a press conference and said in their official statement that if the title of the film was problematic, then the objections should have been raised 20 years ago because ‘Sass Kuttni’ is a phrase that has been existent in the Punjabi culture for years.

They added that the film is in fact inspired from Punjabi folk and boliyan. Now, popular Punjabi singer Sharry Mann, who’s known for always being in the limelight, has commented on the situation and come out in open support of the film.

Sharing a video of Manisha Gulati on his official Instagram handle, he wrote “Tu Kii Jaan Di Bhede Tor Shokina Di” and said that this is another Punjabi Boli which suits you. He added that he totally supports the movie because it is based on a Punjabi Boli.

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The objections raised by Manisha Gulati have made the future of the film uncertain. While the public and now even Sharry Mann have come out in support of the film, the team has also clarified and presented their point of view in front of Manisha Gulati. 

Starring Mehtab Virk and Tanvi Nagi in the lead roles and Anita Devgan, Nirmal RIshi, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Karamjit Anmol and many others in supporting roles, Ni Main Sass Kuttni is set to be released worldwide on 22 April, 2022.

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