Sharry Mann Releases Apology As Sikh Community Outraged By His Defamatory Comments On Gurus

It looks like the controversies are madly behind Punjabi singer Sharry Mann. The singer recently held a live session on his Instagram account where interacted with his fans and admirers in a drunken state. The live video instantly became a meme trend and the talk of the town after Sharry Mann took shots at Parmish Verma. 

The old controversy of Sharry Mann and Parmish Verma was again trending and ignited. Parmish also went on to give a befitting reply to Sharry, which was followed by an apology by Sharry Mann. 

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But now, a new controversy has dragged Sharry Mann into the mud. It is believed that Sharry Mann also disrespected Gurus in the same live session and used abusive words toward them. 

The video clips of the same are doing rounds on social media in which Sharry Mann can be seen saying, “Main Ik Gall Hor Tuhanu Dassda Bhravo, Mera Hun Jehda Actual Guru Aa, Oh Osho Hi Aa Hun… Jadon Kade Main Sahi Raste Te Aaya, Ta Mainu Osho Hi Lai Ke Aauga, Baaki Hor Nhi Koi Lai Ke Aa Sakda… Hor Kise P@nch*d Guru Ch Koi Takat Nhi… Hor Nhi Koi Lai Ke Aa Sakda… Hor Koi Takat Nhi Ke Mainu Sahi Raste Te Lai Ke Aa Sake… Osho Hi Hai Hun Jo Mainu Sahi Raste Te Sambhal Ke Lai Ke Aa Sakda”

(Brothers let me tell you one more thing, now Osho is my actual guru. Now whenever I’ll get on the right path, only Osho will take me there.. No other guru cannot do this… No other *abuse* guru has power. Nobody else can do it.. There is no other power that can take me to the right path. Only Osho will take care of me and take me to the right path)

This statement by Sharry Mann did not go well with the Sikh Community especially. In no time, many people were outraged and expressed their disappointment. In fact, Sharry Mann also started getting warnings and threats regarding the same controversy.

But it looks like Sharry has realized his mistake as the singer has recently issued a public apology. Yes, Sharry Mann has released an official apology on his Instagram account. He addressed the Sikh community through an Instagram post. In it not only he expressed his respect for the Sikh gurus but also went on to apologize to everyone who was hurt because of his statement. 

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Have a look at Sharry Maan’s official public apology here,

Sharry had earlier stated that all that’s happening with him and his weird behavior is because he is deeply affected by his mother’s demise. He also promised his fans that he will surely change for good.

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