Sharry Mann Is On His Journey To Be Fit

The popular actor and singer of Punjabi Industry Sharry Mann is definitely an influence for many. But now he has become a motivation too, as he has decided to start a new journey to meet the new him. Sharry Mann is now focusing on his health, eating habits and physical exercise because he has planned to work really hard for a better physique.

A few days back, he shared an Instagram post, in which he wrote about his plans and the journey he is on. Sharing a picture, in the caption he wrote,

“Okk mittro so teeja shaandaar hafta hogeya menu gym shuru keete nu…progress taan good aa jama baki menu tusi deo 20 hafte kam lot karan nu….6 pack abs ch photo paoni aa chaahe sali edit krke na paoni pwe 😂

But on a serious note health har bandey nu jruri aa…baki ik bahut ghaint gym buddy labh gya hun g krda gym jaan nu…te agli summer ch thode bai di beach body tyaar hou ke naa ehe hun apan dekhange saare ki ban da but journey taan shaandaar aa baki manzil da pata ni hje….so wish me luck yaar thoda nai talda hun 💪🏻”

He has been sharing his achievements and experiences regularly on his Instagram stories, which you can still check out in his story highlights. We wish he succeeds and achieve his goals, and also, we really hope his fans get motivated by seeing what he is doing. Because, if becomes successful in motivating others too, this will be his biggest achievement of all.

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