Sharry Mann & Parmish Verma Once Again Bash Each Other Online

Punjabi Entertainment Industry is specifically divided into two major parts, Punjabi Film & Music Industry. While the Punjabi Film Industry is rapidly growing, the music industry has always been superior. But this superiority not only brings amazing chartbusters and internationally hit songs but also is a hub of controversies. And one such popular controversy is the one between Sharry Mann and Parmish Verma.

Recently the duo has one again been involved in an online rift and bashed each other indirectly on their Instagram handles. It began with a live session on Sharry Mann’s Instagram account. The popular and much-loved singer interacted with his fans and admirers. But as he was seen drunk, he also addressed fans’ comments stating ‘Tu Drake Aa’ and about Parmish Verma.

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Sharry in the video said, ‘Pyo O Aap Banda Firda Yaar Bhajda Firda Ya, Te Phir Main Kithe Da Drake Aa. Ohnu Puchhya Karo, Jado Ohda Show Hunda Na Ethe Bhain De Yaar Da, Ohnu Puchh Leya Karo Saaleya Tu Drake Aa, Aape Hi Dass Deya Karuga..’

He then also went on to say, ‘Baaki Main Tuhada Bhra Haan, Main Koi Drake Drook Nahi, Main Tuhada Bhra, Tuhada Aadi, Tuhada Yaar Belli Haan.’

Though we cant spot him saying Parmish Verma’s name in the viral video, the fans who are aware of the controversy have understood that he is talking about Parmish only. 

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After this, on the other hand, Parmish also shared an Instagram story in which he bashed Sharry Mann indirectly. Parmish wrote, ‘Bahut Kalakaar G.O.A.T Ban’de Dekhe Si. Aah Pahila Hai Jehda Gadha Banda Dekhya! Taras Aunda Tere Eh Haalat Dekh Ke’

(I saw many artists becoming G.O.A.T. This is the first one who is becoming a donkey. I feel pity seeing you like this.)

Meanwhile, it all began when Sharry came to attend Parmish’ pre-wedding ceremony and even gave a performance but Parmish could not attend to Sharry as he was diverted with the rituals. This hurt Sharry who then began posting stories on his Instagram handle about how he had envisioned celebrating his friend’s wedding but his plans went awry.

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Parmish addressed Sharry too and ended the 5-year long friendship. And then they both kept sharing nasty comments about each other. The controversy is still ongoing and gets refreshed again and again.

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