Karan Aujla’s Song ‘Sheesha’ Removed From Youtube Due To Copyright Claim

Karan Aujla surprised everyone by dropping the poster of his much awaited track ‘Sheesha’ and releasing it soon after that on 29 August. The song got released on the new Youtube channel of Karan Aujla which was called by the name ‘Karan Aujla Music’ and grabbed over 2.5 Million views after that. 

The song was doing well all over the social media and among the audience until we noticed something unusual. Karan Aujla’s latest song Sheesha is no longer available on Youtube. 

The song’s link is not working and after clicking on that, you will come across a notice which states, “The video is no longer available due to a copyright strike by Parampreet Singh”. 

The reason for the sudden removal of the song due to copyright is not yet known. No whereabouts of Parampreet Singh are known yet; what currently is known is that ‘Sheesha’ by Karan Aujla is no longer available on Youtube. 

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Neither Karan Aujla nor his team has made any statement regarding the matter. We are expecting the song to be soon available again on the video streaming platform, Youtube. The song is still being loved on the audio platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and more.

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