Sher Bagga Movie Review: Film Treats Fans With A Cute Love Story Which Is Simple But Not Usual

Sher Bagga Movie Review
StarcastAmmy Virk, Sonam Bajwa, Nirmal Rishi, Kaka Kautki, Jasneet Kaur, Rup Khatkar, Baninder Bunny & more.
DirectorJagdeep Sidhu
Kiddaan Rating

Punjabi movie Sher Bagga which was continuously making headlines from the time when it was announced has finally hit the theaters today. The film stars evergreen on-screen couple Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa in the leading roles. In this Sher Bagga movie review, we have analyzed the film in detail.

If you are someone who has been an all-time Ammy-Sonam fan, you must be planning to watch this film too. In such a case, this Sher Bagga review will help you make up your mind easily. 


As the trailer suggests, Sher Bagga looked like a story highlighting the one-night stand. But is it actually the concept of the film? Because we don’t intend to disturb your cinema experience by giving any spoilers, we will not disclose the secrets in this review. 

But, one thing that can be said for sure is that the film is not all that the trailer reveals. There is a lot more to it which will entertain you to the fullest in the cinema hall. 

 Coming to the plot, Sher Bagga is the story of two characters, Dilsher (Ammy Virk) and Gulab (Sonam Bajwa). These two people who are polls apart fall in love in an unexpected manner, but their love story won’t be an easy one. There are troubles, comedy, emotions, and a lot of drama in the film. 

It is basically a cute and satisfying story which will make you happy and smiling throughout the film. Apart from a love story, Sher Bagga also highlights friendship, break-ups, not a typically happy family, and parenthood. 

Acting & Characters

Starting with the leads, Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa; we have never raised any doubts about their on-screen chemistry because they have proved to be the best in various superhit movies. The duo is fantastic this time as well. 

While Sonam Bajwa plays a super-cool and independent girl, Ammy Virk plays an innocent and extremely loyal man. Sonam’s character in the film is someone who is looking for true love, and guess what? Ammy as Dilsher is the man of her dreams. 

Apart from these two in the leads, Sher Bagga also stars actors like Nirmal Rishi, Kaka Kautki, Jasneet Kaur, Rup Khatkar, Baninder Bunny & more in supporting roles. 

We personally loved the characters and performances of Rup and Jasneet who played Sonam’s two friends in the film. This trio was literally what we call ‘friendship goals.’

Nirmal Rishi also stole the hearts of many with her phenomenal acting skills as a lovely grandmother in this film. We have said this before also, Nirmal Rishi is one ingredient to level up the overall output of any film.  

Writing & Direction

The film is written and directed by the cinematic magician Jagdeep Sidhu. We appreciate him for his beautiful stories and flawless direction. This time also, he has impressed us with this simple yet so satisfying movie. 

Jagdeep undoubtedly is the master of handling delicate and emotional situations, and our hats have always been off in front of the man’s art.

Though at some points the film seems to lose its grip, it gets back the hold and saves it. Another point that made us feel that the film could have been a lot better was its screenplay. The film turns pretty predictable before the ending of the first half. But the good part is the fact that it continues to entertain you even then.  


In the Sher Bagga movie review, it’s the time to finally talk about the film’s music. Avvy Sra, Jaymeet, Sunny Vik, Oye Kunaal are the people behind its heart-winning music, while Happy Raikoti, Shera Dhaliwal & Kiran, Raj Fatehpur, Farmaan have dedicated their pens to writing the amazing lyrics. 

The songs like Musafira and Rab will surely win your hearts. And not only the film’s playlist, but the film’s background score by Sandeep Saxena was also on point. 

Weak Points

In this Sher Bagga movie review, you have already got to know enough details about the plot, star cast, characters, and even the direction. But to maintain the balance, here we are highlighting the weak points of the film.

As already discussed above, as the film turns predictable a little too early, it kills your eagerness to wait for what happens next. The team could have worked a little hard preparing its screenplay as it would have made the overall experience of the audience better. 

Another thing, which felt abrupt, was the absence of an emotional peak. Sher Bagga is written and directed by Jagdeep Sidhu who we believe is the epitome of expressing emotions on screen. But Sher Bagga felt plain and lacked the emotions which we had high expectations from. 


With a beautiful and cute story, good characters and a few flaws, Sher Bagga is waiting for all the cinema fans in the theaters. You can watch the film with your family and friends, and you won’t regret it. Yes, it is a must-watch, especially for the people who are looking forward to watching a light-hearted entertainer. 

Ammy Virk, Sonam Bajwa and Jagdeep Sidhu have impressed us once again, and we are delighted to watch Sher Bagga in the theaters. We waited for the film, and when we finally watched it, it was worth it. 

Watch the Sher Bagga trailer here;

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