Shikaari Review: The Legendary Actors Unite In A Positive Yet Twisting Web Series Of Robbery And Friendship

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Starcast: Guggu Gill, Ashish Duggal, Sukhwinder Chahal, Ajay Jethi and more. 

Director: Maneesh Bhatt

The recently launched OTT platform Chaupal TV has become the talk of the town really soon. The platform has released various original movies and web series, and Shikaari is one of them. It is a five-episode long series which stars some amazing actors like Guggu Gill, Ashish Duggal, Sukhwinder Chahal, Ajay Jethi, Sukhi Chehal and more and is directed by Maneesh Bhatt. 

If you want us to describe in minimum words, we will say, Shikaari is a tale of true friendship and the joyous feeling in fulfilling lifelong desires. As already mentioned, the series has marked the brilliant performance of the actors, and we are highly impressed by the casting as it is not usual to see unusual faces as the leads in Punjabi Cinema. All three; Guggu Gill, Ashish Duggal and Sukhwinder Chahal are undoubtedly commendable actors, but watching them play the leads now was an overwhelming experience. And when we have praised the leads, the mentioning of the performance of Ajay Jethi cannot be ignored. The actor who impressed the masses with his acting in the popular Netflix show Money Heist, played a smart cop which seemed extremely annoying in the maximum part of the story, but later came out with a clean chit. We believe if this is exactly how his character was built, he has done a fabulous job to portray it. 

Talking about the story of Shikaari, it is all about the tale of unbreakable bond among three childhood best friends. While on one hand, the movie makes sure that the flashback memories of the three friends keep the viewers engaged, on the other, it has amazingly made us feel the joy of fulfilling the desires which have always been in the wishlist. 

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As the trailer has already revealed that the leads of the web series are aspiring to rob Delhi, but this is not all that they want. Each time their one desire is accomplished, they plan to fulfill another one. The series of completing their wishlist goes on with various beautiful moments and scenes with pride. 

Watching three elderly heroes flaunting their attitude and slaying in their lives, is all we all wish to grow old like. After all, how can it not be appealing to see men who already have everything in their life, but are living for their desires. 

Also, we have to appreciate the writer; Prince Kanwaljit Singh, who has taken the initiative to write a story with a theme that has not been portrayed in the industry before. No doubt, there are movies that have highlighted various beautiful bonds of friendship, but Shikaari is one of its kind because from its very beginning to its end, it’s all about friendship. 

Now talking about the minor points which we feel were ignored, but could have made the series a better project overall. Firstly, we are disappointed with the fact that after a moment, the story is repetitive as each time the trio seems to get into trouble, they manage to escape luckily and effortlessly. The theme of the series was surely interesting, but it could have been an excellent one with better execution. Also, the characters with ‘Hindi dialogues’ were disappointing too, as their dialect was Punjabi even when they were delivering Hindi Dialogues. 

With some outstanding and some loopholes, Shikaari has impressed us with its unique and unusual story. And we are excited to know the fact that the makers have ended its story with the entry of a new and anonymous character which is an indirect hint towards the sequel of Shikaari. We would recommend you to watch Shikaari as a must-watch, you should watch it to witness the diversity in the content of the Punjabi Film Industry. 

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