Shipra Goyal Decides To Turn A Lyricist, Fans Are Super Excited

Shipra Goyal Decides To Turn A Lyricist, Fans Are Super Excited

There are few artists in the Punjabi Music Industry who have achieved success in such a short span of time like Shipra Goyal. And why not, her melodious voice, singing skills and glamorous personality were bound to make her a star. Now, after taking over the industry with her voice, Shipra has finally decided to pick up the pen.

Shipra uploaded an Instagram post, wherein she announced that it was time for her to drop her own compositions and writing. This is big news for the Punjabi Industry because the writing department is mostly male-centric. There are only a handful of female lyricists in the industry.

It is just as big a news for the artist, as it is for the industry. This one step could largely result in more success to the artist in the future. Shipra Goyal has given the Punjabi industry numerous hits as a singer. Nakhro, Churi, Koke, Lamborghini, Gaddi Pichhe Naa and countless more. 

Do You Know Shipra Goyal Didn’t Feature In The Music Videos Of Her Songs Due To This Reason

Shipra had earlier revealed that she didn’t star in her music videos but later turned into a model too. Shipra was a bit overweight, which made directors and artists reluctant to take her in music videos. Kulwiner Billa also revealed that Shipra wanted to star in ‘Angreji Wali Madam’ music video, but could not, due to her weight. 

But she worked hard and achieved her desired body and today we all know, whenever the diva is on-screen, we cannot take our eyes off her. In the same way, becoming a lyricist and composer is another transition that the artist is going to take in her career and surely going to shine, as she’s always done.

Punjabi Music Industry has some amazing female voices but very few who decide to pick up the pen. Shipra’s step might also change the way the industry looks at female lyricists and it could also inspire many more female artists to take writing as a major profession in the industry.

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