Bigg Boss 16 Stars Shiv Thakare And Abdu Rozik Summoned By ED

Bigg Boss 16 Stars Shiv Thakare And Abdu Rozik Summoned By ED

Bigg Boss season 16 had a very dramatic and unexpected ending since there were a lot of strong contenders for the victory of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, one of the most popular reality shows on television. 

Now, shocking news has come to the light that summons have been issued to Shiv Thackeray and everyone’s favorite contestant of this season, Abdu Rozik, by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). 

It is being said that they were called to testify in a high-profile money laundering case. This case is related to alleged drug mafia Ali Asghar Shirazi. According to reports, the statement of both of them has been recorded as witnesses in this case.

According to the news, Ali Asghar Shirazi was running a company named Hustlers’ Hospitality Pvt Ltd and this company used to finance many different start-ups. Apart from Shiv Thackeray’s food and snack restaurant ‘Thackeray Tea and Snacks’, Abdu Rozik’s fast food start-up ‘Burgeer’ brand is also included.

Allegedly, this company of Ali has earned money through narco-funding. This money was given to him as investment through Hustlers Hospitality and it is being told that Shirazi had allegedly invested a lot in the start-up.

It has also been found in the reports that as soon as Shiv and Abdu came to know about Shirazi’s involvement in narco business, both of them immediately terminated their contract with him.

According to reports, Shiv Thackeray has recorded his statement before the ED. The actor told ED that he had neither met Shirazi nor knew about him at the time of this contract. Shiv Thackeray said that his deal was done through company director Krunal Ojha.

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