Shocking! News Channel Airs P*rnographic Clip During Weather Report

Shocking! News Channel Airs P*rnographic Clip During Weather Report

The viewers of KREM, a Washington news channel, were interested in knowing about the weather report of their country, when suddenly, they saw something they would’ve never expected. The CBS-affiliate news channel KREM, made its viewers watch a p*rnographic clip during a weather report.

During a weather forecast show of the channel at 6 pm, the viewers were subjected to a 13-second long obscene p*rnographic clip. The anchors Michelle Boss and Cody Proctor were completely unaware of it, and carried away their weather report like nothing happened.

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However, the public did not let it go unnoticed. The show was then followed by a social media chatter to such an extent that KREM was pushed to issue an official apology for it. According to a report published by the Sun, KREM said, “An inappropriate video aired in the first part of the show. We are diligently working to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.”

The incident is being investigated by the Spokane Police Department’s special victims unit. The department claims that the channel is cooperating well with them. The investigating department also claimed that the incident raised the concerns of the citizens of the country. 

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It is not everyday that you bump into a 13-second long p*rnographic clip while watching if it’s going to rain in your area or not, on your TV with your family. The concerns of the citizens were bound to be raised. Looks like India is not the only country where News Channels broadcast out-of-the-world content. The investigation is soon expected to reveal the actual reason behind the mistake, whether it was a technical fault, a prank played by somebody or what.

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