Shocking Video: Delhi Men Molested North East Women Asks ‘Rate Kya hai’

Shocking Video: Delhi Men Molested North East Women Asks ‘Rate Kya hai’

A case highlighting how unsafe Delhi is for women came out. A few women belonging to the Northeast have uploaded a humiliating video on Instagram. 

The video shows an experience, where two women are being harassed on the streets of Hauz Khas Village, at around 10 pm. 

The women were out meeting their friends and were waiting for their cab when a group of “middle-aged” men moved towards them. One of the men from the group asked the lady ‘Rate kya hai?’ (What is your rate?), speculating them to be sex workers.

The more shocking thing is despite the lady reacting by raising her voice, people around them neither responded nor came to help them. 

The women reported the matter to a police officer who was passing by, rather than dealing with the matter at hand, the official just smiled. On the same night when all the friends were heading towards the restaurant, some police officers repeatedly asked them if they were dancers.

After the video showing the situation of blatant sexism and racial discrimination went viral on social media, the chairperson of Delhi Commission for Women, Swati Maliwal, issued a notice to the Delhi police. 

Moreover, Netizens felt enraged at seeing the video, here are the reactions people had to it. 

However, no FIR has been filed in the case yet, but Delhi Commission for women took suo-moto of the incident.

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