Shaheed Udham Singh – A Revolutionary Or Terrorist?”: Shoojit Sircar Asks The Audience

Shoojit Sircar Speaks On ‘Equality’. Ask Viewers Whether Sardar Udham Singh Was Terrorist Or Revolutionary!

Vicky Kaushal starrer Sardar Udham which was released on Amazon Prime is based on the life of the titular revolutionary Sardar Udham Singh. The film has garnered exceptionally good reviews from audiences as well as critics. 

The film shows and will take you inside the life of Sardar Udham Singh who witnessed the Jaliianwala Bagh massacre at close quarters. Further along with appreciation the film has also landed in a controversy. Speaking with prominent news portals, director Shoojit Sircar reveals some aspects of the film and how it deals with equality.

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As he stated, the sequence where each Bhagat Singh, performed by Amol Parashar, and Kaushal’s Udham Singh focus on their concepts about freedom, equality, and revolution was instrumental to the movie. Sircar said he did not want to make the Vicky Kaushal-starrer into a revenge story and instead wanted to dig deep into what encouraged him and other young revolutionaries to take the path they eventually did.

“I wanted to say that it’s not just a revenge story. Udham Singh was not in London just for revenge. He assassinated O’Dwyer (in 1940) maybe because he did not have any other option, that’s what I felt,” Sircar said.

He further added, “The line (between a terrorist and a revolutionary) is very thin.  For them (the British), he was possibly a criminal or a terrorist, but for us, he was revolutionary. So I left that judgment for people to make on their own.” 

As the film is connecting to the people, and for this he says, “The kind of reactions and connections the film lovers can make is overwhelming. It’s more satisfying that the film is connecting with people. If this film can unite a lot of people to think similarly, I think that’s the most important thing that there are many people who think like that.” 

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Further, talking about his journeys to Amritsar’s Jallianwala Bagh, the filmmaker expressed that within the movie, he aimed to seize the sensation the historic website evokes in him. The movie’s back-and-forth screenplay construction was additionally informed by the best way Sircar found Udham Singh. 

First he sudied about his assassination of O’Dwyer, the Punjab governor who tolerated Brigadier-General Dyer’s motion of firing on peaceable protesters within the Jallianwala Bagh on the fateful day of April 13, 1919, that killed lots of individuals, together with kids and ladies.

When asked about the subtle balance of making a patriotic film without exaggerating facts or dialogues, Sircar said he is someone who finds beauty in the ordinary.

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Meanwhile, Shoojit has also said that he waited for nearly 20 years to make the movie on Udham Singh, however he revealed he wished to make his directorial debut with a film on Bhagat Singh.

Source: The Indian Express

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