Shooter Ban Ends: Jayy Randhawa Starrer Controversial Movie All Set To Release In Theatres

The news that many from the Punjabi audience had been dying to hear, is finally here. The movie that became one of the most awaited movies in the industry ever, is all set to be released in theatres. ‘Shooter’ movie based on the life of a gangster, is finally ban-free and going to be released in theatres!

Starring Jayy Randhawa, Shubh Sandhu, Swalina, Vadda Grewal and many other prominent artists of the industry, Shooter has become one of the most controversial films in the history of Punjabi Cinema. Announced for the first time on 1 October, 2019 through a social media post, the movie was named ‘Sukha Kahlon’ back then. After facing some issues, the movie was then renamed to ‘Shooter’ and an official poster was dropped on 17 January, 2020. Marking Jayy Randhawa’s acting debut, it was all set to release on 21 February, 2020 and here we are! The movie is still not released.

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The reason behind the release delay was a ban. Punjab Government stepped in between the film’s release and banned it on 9 February 2020. The reason that the government gave to support their action was that the movie was based on the life of one of the most wanted gangsters of Punjab, Sukha Kahlon. The film was blamed for glorifying gangster-culture and the gangster. 

The team then made various changes and tried all possible ways to make the movie fit in for being released in theatres but all in vain. To make things worse, COVID-19 played the role of fuel in fire and it took the film almost 2 years to finally make it to the theatres.

Shubh Sandhu uploaded an Instagram post of a shot from one of the movie sequences and announced that the ban on Shooter has finally been lifted. The movie is all set to be released in theatres and we can expect a release date really soon. Not much is to be done. We know the movie is ready in its final touch for its theatre release. Let’s wait for the official announcement by the team. Shooter is finally coming!

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