Shooter Fame Actor Shubh Sandhu Wrote A Profound Note For Moosa Jatt Team Amid Rejection Of Censor Certificate

Punjabi actor Shubh Sandhu who starred in movie ‘Shooter’ and also praised for his artwork in the superhit film ‘Sikander 2’ has recently took to his social media and shares a poster of Moosa Jatt and a sincere note for Punjabi singer and lyricist Sidhu Moosewala and the team of film ‘Moosa Jatt’. Sandhu wrote about how he felt when his movie Shooter was banned. He also added that nobody supported him as well as his team when the censor board did not pass it, but he will for sure support the actor and the whole Moosa Jatt team. As it is the debut film of Sidhu Moosewala. 

His caption further reads that according to the title and trailer the film doesn’t belong to any crime and gangster element so it’s unfair that the censor board has denied the permission. 

Shubh Sandhu supported the whole team of Moosa Jatt.  Not only this he ends the note with the hashtag of ‘Kisan Mazdoor Ekta Zindabad’. Now take a look at his post and read the full caption, “Actor pata ni keho je ne ehe janaab, ehe ta film dekh k he pata laggu par movie ban karna koi solution nhi hunda saadi shooter film v jaddo ban hoi c ta bahut dukh laggea c kai lokka ne majaak v banaea c saada..par ehe ta koi gangster da vishaa he nahi g bann honna esda meri samjho bahar ae … Censor board of india for regional films nu request hai ehna di film pass kitti jaave g producer da bahut nuksaan ho janda help karro munde di debut film hai…ehna directors di Tru Makers di shooter v ban kitti gai c. Saanu kisse ne support nhi kitta c oddo. I can feel the pain. Waheguru mehar karre ehna di saari team te”

Meanwhile, Moosa Jatt will be released tomorrow on 1 October Worldwide except India. Makers are planning to release it on OTT Platform Chaupal, but the date isn’t finalised yet because it will only happen after the movie is released theatrically in India. Further, it will only be possible when the film will be certified by the Censor Board.

Sidhu Moosewala’s Moosa Jatt Will Soon Be Available Online On Chaupal. Details Inside

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