Shouting Balle-Balle Expresses Happiness. But Do You Know The Story Behind It?

Can you imagine any other way of expressing your utmost happiness without saying Balle-Balle? It’s difficult right? We all have grown up shouting Balle-Balle every time we were feeling joyous, excited and extremely happy. And this is not all, because there are various superhit and iconic Punjabi songs also which highlight and made the phrase ‘Balle-Balle’ actually popular. But not everyone, in fact, most of the people don’t know the story behind it.


Well, we have planned to add some really special information to your knowledge. The word Balle is derived from Sanskrit word ‘Bhall’, which means “everything good, auspicious, favorable”.  But the story doesn’t end here, because there is a second loop to this secret. 

Balle is derived from Sanskrit work Bhall, and the Sanskrit word Bhall is influenced from Persian word ‘baleh’ which means ‘yes’.  So directly or indirectly, the Punjabi word ‘Balle-Balle’, directly or indirectly has multiple connotations.

 So next time you’ll be happy and feeling on cloud nine, shout Balle-Balle a little louder because now you also know the meaning and the secret story behind it. 

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