Shree Brar Deleted Story With Elvish Yadav After Getting Backlash From Public, Later Apologised

The lyricist of the song Kisaan Anthem, that actually became an anthem for the farmer’s struggle in Delhi, Shree Brar, has been surrounded by controversies since then. The song was praised by the public as it empowered the farmers and was a direct banter to the Indian government. The songwriter was put behind the bars by Punjab Police involving a case of promoting gun culture in his song “Jaan” but the public still supported the artist which eventually helped him get out in a few days. And now, the artist has again stepped into a new controversy but this time the artist is in the negative books of the public.

Shree Brar recently uploaded a story on his official Instagram account announcing an upcoming project with Indian YouTuber, Elvish Yadav. Elvish Yadav is a Haryana-based YouTuber having over 7.5 million subscribers on his channel. Shree Brar had to face a massive backlash from the public who support the ongoing farmer’s protest. The major reason behind the public backlash was Elvish. Elvish had uploaded a video on his youtube channel that did not go well with supporters of the farmer’s protest. People blamed the video for being anti of the farmer’s protest ideology. So, the announcement of a project by the writer of an ‘anthem of the Kisaan’ with ‘an anti-farmer’s-protest YouTuber didn’t feel like a good idea to the public.

After the backlash, Shree soon realized his mistake. After deleting the problematic story, the singer said In his official statement that he did not know the guy (Elvish Yadav) very well and only uploaded the story because he seemed like a supporter of the farmer’s protest. However, when Shree saw Elvish’s video against the farmers, he deleted the story and felt that their ideologies did not match, the singer added. The singer asked the public not to be too quick to judge and help the artists understand the difference between right and wrong. Ending the statement with the “Kisaan Majdoor Ekta Zindabaad” slogan, the artist officially apologized to the public.

Controversial video of Elvish Yadav on Farmers Protest:

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