Shubh Finally Breaks Silence On ‘Viral Hoodie Controversy’ Says “Stop Spreading Hate And Negativity”

As we all know the Punjabi-Canadian artist, Shubh is once more embroiled in a fresh controversy, as videos and images from his recent London performance on October 29, 2023, have garnered significant public scrutiny. 

According to reports, during the live show in London, Shubh was allegedly seen promoting a hoodie featuring a graphic representation of the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by Satwant and Beant Singh. While The video was low quality that it wasn’t clear what’s inside the Map of Punjab On Hoodie. 

After all this the singer has finally addressed the viral hoodie controversy from his recent concert, urging everyone to stop spreading hate. He explained that during the live performance, fans threw various items, including clothing and jewelry at him. He couldn’t see what was thrown or what was on those items.

He wrote, “No matter what I do, some people will find something to bring it against me. A lot of clothes, jewellery and phones were thrown at me by the audience at my first show in London. I was there to perform, not to see what got thrown at me and what is on it. The team has worked very hard for the last couple of months to perform for you all. STOP SPREADING HATE AND NEGATIVITY  🙏🙏🏼”

Earlier in March this year, Shubh posted an image on his Instagram story that was claimed to depict an inaccurate map of India. Consequently, his planned tour of India was called off in September due to widespread public backlash on social media

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