Shubh Is My Favorite Artist Right Now, Says Int’l Cricketer Virat Kohli

The young entrant in the Punjabi Industry, Shubh has been making an unmatchable mark in the Industry with his music. With just a few songs, he’s already become an irresistible vibe. Among the many celebrities who have already become fans of Shubh, International cricketer Virat Kohli is the latest addition.

Yes, you read it right! The man regarded by many as one of the greatest cricketers to have ever played the game, Virat Kohli recently confessed in a comment that Shubh was his favourite artist presently. Few days ago, the man with 189 million followers on Instagram, followed Shubh’s official Instagram handle on the platform, leaving many stunned.

This also comes just days after Virat Kohli’s wife and one of the highest paid actresses of the country, Anushka Sharma put up an Instagram story of Shubh’s ‘No Love’. It is pretty visible that the couple has fallen in love with the young Punjabi talent .

Virat Kohli posted a dance choreography video on his Instagram handle in collaboration with Piyush Bhagat. The renowned dancer was performing on none other than the famous Punjabi hit ‘Elevated’ by Shubh. The artist also released the official music video of Elevated the same day.

Under the comment section of the post, Virat Kohli commented that Shubh was his favourite artist right now, tagging his official Instagram handle. Shubh obviously was overwhelmed and thanked the great athlete for the appreciation.

With just a few but all superhit songs to his name, Shubh has achieved what many artists in the industry are far away from. He’s already connected a loyal fanbase to his name. The future is surely bright for Shubh and we are looking for what the star has up his sleeve for us. 

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