Sidharth Shukla Protects Shehnaaz Gill As Fans Slammed Shehnaaz On Twitter With An Unpleasant War

Sidharth Shukla Protects Shehnaaz Gill As Fans Slammed Shehnaaz On Twitter With An Unpleasant War

The rumored couple and fame of Bigg Boss Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill enjoy a tremendous fan following individually and as a couple too. Their fan clubs are often at war with each other and recently, a fan club spoke badly about the Punjabi beauty Shehnaaz Gill. 

Now Sidharth has penned a heartfelt note for Shehnaaz asking his fans not to demean her. 

It so happened that some of the Shehnaaz fans had been denouncing Sidharth and his followers and saying horrible things about the actor. There was also some morphing of images involved. The language that the fans were using was very unpleasant. When Sidharth came across the tweet, he tweeted and apologise, “That’s disgusting… sorry guys you have to go through all this because of me”

Sidharth Shukla tweeted slamming a fan club, in support of Shehnaaz Gill and wrote, “Please you don’t need to shame her … it’s not her fault it’s some ppl from that FD …she herself has asked them to stop all this like I have … let’s just be civil and make this place better … so that we can enjoy and learn from each other … makes sense”

Not only this, a female fan called Sidharth ‘selectively blind’ and tweeted, “I know, all celebrities need fans for their careers to flourish. But always being selectively blind towards a particular section is not right . If you take stand for your fans , have guts to take stand against them when they cross all lines of trolling and morphing”

Responding to this claim, Sidharth Shukla wrote, “Well first check if I have or I haven’t …. Clearly I am not selectively blind … and please don’t teach me … teach your friends thank you”

Meanwhile, this is not the first time the actor saved Shehnaaz. There were many incidents where they both protected each other from such comments. Also, Let us know in the comment section, what are your thoughts on Sidharth Shukla coming out in support of Shehnaaz Gill. 

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