Sidhu Moosewala And Gulab Sidhu Shooting For Their Upcoming Song Together?

It’s been two months since Punjabi star Gulab Sidhu announced his album ‘Munda Sidhua Da’ and also revealed the tracklist. The audience has been up on their toes for the album to be finally released. And some recent Snapchat stories are suggesting that Gulab Sidhu is probably shooting for one of the music videos from his album, along with the one and only Sidhu Moosewala.

Recently Sidhu Moosewala, Teji Sandhu and Gulab Sidhu, shared a Snapchat story of a ‘Marwari’ horse. The same story was also added by music label Taz Studios Official on their official Instagram page. If we go through the tracklist of the upcoming album by Gulab, we find out that Teji Sandhu is directing one of the album’s videos, Peg Te Hanju.

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The song has been penned down by Veet Baljit and The Kidd has lent his music to the song. It is very probable that the ‘Marwari’ horse is a hint that the music video of Peg Te Hanju is in its making process. The interesting thing is that Sidhu Moosewala had also added the same story to his Snapchat account and we are already speculating that this video is going to feature Sidhu Moosewala alongside Gulab.

Gulab Sidhu and Sidhu Moosewala are both really close friends. In fact, Gulab’s album is being released through 5911 Records, the music label of Sidhu Moosewala. So, it won’t be a surprise if we see Sidhu getting on the track with Gulab. However, we have no idea whether Sidhu will only be making a video appearance or actually letting out some fire with his vocals.

Gulab Sidhu is yet to make an official announcement regarding the release date of his most awaited album. If our guesses are true, the artist is already working on the music videos and they might be done in a short time. We can also expect to hear the album this year itself. 

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