Sidhu Moosewala Announces Another Collaborative Track ‘Fuck Em All’ With Sunny Malton

As the state of Punjab finally concluded the voting process that would determine the region’s future for the coming 5 years, Sidhu Moosewala has announced his upcoming track. This time, Sidhu will be collaborating with Sunny Malton yet again and the song is titled ‘Fuck Em All’.

Sidhu Moosewala is Congress’ MLA Candidate from Mansa Constituency for the Punjab Polls 2022, so most of his 2022 was consumed in election campaigns. But, to not disappoint his fans, Sidhu had announced that as soon as he’s done with the elections, he’ll be getting back to releasing more tracks. 

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On 13 February, the duo released their comeback track ‘Youngest In Charge’. It was after years that we saw Sidhu and Sunny in the same track and we finally got to hear the ‘Ikk Vaari Hor’, a hook that defined Sidhu’s old Brown Boys team. Now that Sidhu Moosewala has announced another track with the artist, it looks like we’ll be getting a lot of Sidhu-Sunny tracks this year.

The announcement was made by Sidhu through his social media. He shared a still from the legendary boxer, Mike Tyson’s boxing match wherein the opponent can be seen lying down in front of Mike. The next part of the post again had stills from one of Mike Tyson’s boxing matches and below were written Sidhu’s verse from the track ‘Invincible’ and Sunny’s verse from ‘Forget About It’.

The duo is surely planning for something big. Both the artists were together in the starting phase of their career and saw massive success. They became one of the most successful teams in the Punjabi Music Industry, before finally parting ways owing to professional issues. However, the aftermath of the events saw Sunny and Sidhu finally sorting the rift between them and coming together. ‘Fuck Em All’ is their next surprise for the audience and we are looking forward to the artists announcing the official release date soon.

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