Sidhu Moosewala Becomes The First Ever Indian Artist To Feature On The Spotify Global X Cover

This man walks and shoves records off his way like they are a joke to him. Sidhu Moosewala, undeniably the biggest name in the Punjabi Music Industry at present, has always been known for creating new records every day. This time, it is big! The Punjabi bull has become the first-ever Indian artist, yes! The First-Ever, to be featured on the cover of Spotify’s Global X playlist. 

Bunty Bains uploaded a story on his Instagram to notify the public about Sidhu’s latest achievement. Sidhu Moosewala confirmed the news by adding it to his Instagram story.

Global X is a Spotify playlist that includes multi-cultural songs from all over the world combined at one spot. The playlist has more than 3.69 lakh likes on Spotify. Sidhu Moosewala also has many of his songs featured on the playlist.

This has made Sidhu Moosewala the first-ever Indian artist to achieve this wonderful feat. MooseTape has surely taken Sidhu Moosewala to a whole new level. Sidhu was already one of the biggest stars of the Punjabi music industry but now this album has helped him reach a wider global audience and expand his listenership.

MooseTape has put Sidhu Moosewala on Billboard. Many of his songs have featured on the Top Triller Global Chart and even peaked, while a handful have also made it to the Canadian Hot 100 list. His records on Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube speak for themselves. And now, this unimaginably amazing feat by the Punjabi artist has proved to the world, Sidhu is not going to settle for anything less. 

IDGAF By Sidhu Moosewala Delayed, Reasons Unclear

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