Sidhu Moosewala Creates Separate IG Account For His Politics, Separating Political Career From Singing Career

As we all know, Sidhu Moosewala is not merely a singer now. The artist has decided to begin his political career by joining Congress and it is expected that he’ll be contesting the Punjab State Assembly Elections 2022 from Mansa Constituency. The audience were curious about how Sidhu would move ahead with his singing career, provided that now, he has to take care of his political career too. 

Sidhu Moosewala has indirectly answered these questions by creating an Instagram Account. The artist turned politician has created a whole new account, Mansa Da Sidhu, for his political updates and career. This means that his official Instagram account, Sidhu Moosewala will remain solely dedicated to his personal and singing life while Mansa Da Sidhu will be dedicated to his political career.

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The public had been asking questions about Sidhu’s singing career getting affected due to his political life and to answer all those, Sidhu has created this account. As of now, it is a hint that singing and politics will go hand-in-hand yet completely different from each other. None would affect the other. Due to the massive fan following that Sidhu has, the account has already been followed by thousands of his fans and the numbers are increasing with every passing minute.

Sidhu’s move to join Congress has left everyone with countless questions, worries and has divided the public in two parts. Initially, he was being subjected to a lot of criticism but after the artist came live and answered the public’s most asked questions, we saw a wave of support waving at Sidhu’s side. 

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It remains unclear how the two careers of Sidhu would complement each other. He has tried to create a line to separate the two. 

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