Sidhu Moosewala Firing Shots At Somebody In His Snapchat Story! Who Is It?

We all know Sidhu Moosewala is not somebody who holds grudges in his heart. He is as straight as a line when it comes to speaking his heart out. If he’s unhappy or disappointed with any of his friends, he will say it straight on his face and that is what’s happening right now!

Sidhu Moosewala uploaded a Snapchat story, clearly taking shots at somebody anonymous. He wrote in the caption, “You might have learnt how to walk holding my finger, but you have still not understood the difference between running and running away”. He also called the person ‘dogla’ (two-faced).

Such a statement coming from Sidhu’s side was bound to raise the suspicious meter of the fans. It took no time for the fans to draw countless theories regarding why and to whom Sidhu is saying the hard-hitting words. The most famous theory is that Sidhu is taking shots at Prem Dhillon!

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Yes! Prem Dhillon. We all know Sidhu and Prem have an amazing brother-like equation with each other. But recently it was informed to the fans that Prem Dhillon was performing live in front of the audience in a concert, and Byg Byrd is also going to be a part of the same show. Byg Byrd, as we all know, is a personal rival of Sidhu Moose Wala.

Fans speculate that Prem performing live with Byrd on the same show has upset Sidhu and it is the reason behind the story. But, according to our sources, the show might feature both Prem and Byg Byrd but both the artists will be performing differently on the stage. They both will have their personal different shows and won’t be sharing the stage. 

Another fan theory is that Sidhu is again taking shots at his friend-turned-foe, Byg Byrd. Both the artists have been involved in online spats on various occasions and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they were, once again. All of these are just fan-made theories and speculations. We are not sure who Sidhu is referring to in his recent story and why! It can only be known if Sidhu drops some detail into it.

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