Sidhu Moosewala Is Finally Getting Married! It’s A Love Marriage

Sidhu Moosewala is currently having the time of his life. First, his last released album Moosetape went superhit, then he stepped in Politics, getting MLA ticket from Mansa Constituency for Congress and now yet another exciting news has come into limelight. 

Wedding bells for Sidhu Moosewala are soon to go on ringing mode. We are not talking about the rumours that were floating around months before and pictures of him getting engaged that surfaced. But we are actually talking about his wedding, the real wedding. Yes, the public-favourite Sidhu Moosewala will turn as a married man soon.

In a recent interview of Sidhu’s mother, we noticed something that got our eyes and ears to stop and get into that completely. When Sidhu’s mother was asked if his son is leaving bachelorhood any time soon or not then her answer was very surprising. “A little more time, then he will not be single anymore. We have started preparing for his marriage, which will happen after the elections this year.”, said Sidhu’s mother. 

Further, she added that it is not an arranged relationship and marriage for Sidhu but he has himself chosen the girl to marry. She even revealed that his son Sidhu Moosewala is engaged but the pictures that were getting viral were not from his actual engagement but from a project’s shoot.

This surprising and exciting revelation by the artist’s mother has left many hearts shed and many hearts to blossom. Sidhu Moosewala is taking every better step possible in life and this one is very amazing. 

Though the confirmation has come now, the rumours of Sidhu getting married soon had been circulating for long among the fans. Nobody believed them back then, but here we are! On the same basis, if the rumours are to be believed, Bhabi Ji is probably from Chandigarh. Sidhu’s to-bride can actually be from the city of Chandigarh, as the rumour has been floating around for long.

We already wish Sidhu Moosewala all the best for his upcoming life and years & we can’t wait to see him getting married, revealing his fiancée and making this announcement publically official very soon. 

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As of now, we wish all the luck to the singer turned politician for the upcoming elections as he is standing as the MLA candidate from Mansa Constituency. 

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