Sidhu Moosewala Lashes Out At Two-Faced People After Deep Sidhu’s Tragic Death

Sidhu Moosewala has been facing a lot of public backlash from people for arranging Balkar Ankhila’s ‘live show’ post Deep Sidhu’s tragic death. Sidhu Moosewala came live on Instagram and lashed out at these people for doing dirty politics in the name of Deep Sidhu.

Sidhu Moosewala revealed that one day before the tragic accident that took Deep Sidhu’s life, the actor had called him. He said that Deep Sidhu even sent his brother to me and offered help. Sidhu added that Deep even told him that he would come to meet him and at the same time, someone pulled Sidhu Moosewala by his arm and told him that people were waiting, they were getting late for a program.

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Sidhu told Deep that he would talk to him the next day and the next day ended up taking Deep Sidhu’s life. Sidhu lashed out at the people who were criticising him for arranging live shows. He replied that these people did not know what was my relation with Deep Sidhu. He added that even Parmish Verma, Balkar Ankhila had come to meet him as campaigning was going on.

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Sidhu looked in an angry mood throughout the live. He called people out for doing dirty politics and connecting unrelated things. “You are the same people who labelled Deep as a traitor and are now calling him a good man. Is he a good man because he’s dead now?” Sidhu Moosewala said.

“He who is always with the truth and strongly holds his stand, the world always remembers him” saying this, Sidhu Moosewala ended his live. Deep Sidhu’s sudden death has left the whole community shocked and in complete grief. Sidhu Moosewala, a close friend of Deep, also expressed his grief at the situation in the live.

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