Sidhu Moosewala Makes Big Announcements Regarding Moosetape Deluxe, Re-Birth And Much More

Sidhu Moosewala Makes Big Announcements Regarding Moosetape Deluxe, Re-Birth And Much More

Sidhu Moosewala’s most recent Instagram live session has proven to be a big one. It wasn’t just a normal interaction by the artist with his fans, but he held it to make some big announcements regarding his upcoming projects. The hopes of Sidhu fans were shattered when the singer made huge announcements regarding Moosetape Deluxe and much more.

After the release of the closing track of Moosetape, Celebrity Killer, tattoo artist Kamzinkzone had put up a story on his official Instagram, shaking the music industry. While the fans were in deep sorrow due to the end of the 3-month long Moosetape Season, Kamzinkzone’s story announced Moosetape Deluxe to be coming soon!

But now, in his recent live interaction with his fans, Sidhu Moosewala has himself made it clear that Moosetape Deluxe is NOT coming! “The full album Moosetape has been released and there will be nothing more to it”, said the artist. Just a few minutes later, a fan asked Sidhu Moosewala about the probable release of his song ‘Re-birth’. 

Sidhu Moosewala’s MooseTape To Soon Be Released With Deluxe Edition, Reveals Tattoo Artist Kamzinkzone

Re-birth is a track that has been awaited by Sidhu Moosewala fans for a long time now, and it was important for the artist to finally make an official announcement regarding it. Just like Moosetape Deluxe, Re-birth has also suffered the same fate. It is not going to be released, said Sidhu Moosewala, clearing all the hype around the song. So two of the most awaited projects of the artist have been scrapped and will never be released!

But that doesn’t end the absolute banger singles that Sidhu has up his sleeve once Moosa Jatt, his debut film as a lead actor, is released. Sidhu announced that after Moosa Jatt is released, there is a long list of single tracks ready for his fans.

Sidhu also let the audience have an insight into the narrative of his film Moosa Jatt, releasing on 1 October, 2021. He revealed that the whole movie is based on the life of a farmer, who the farm bills, and other laws affect the lives of farmers, and what are the hardships faced by farmers in their lives. The movie is going to be totally farmer-centric, as revealed by Sidhu Moosewala in his Instagram live. Sidhu’s live proved to be a heart-breaker for some fans, while, with a number of singles and movies to be released yet, some fans were filled with curiosity and excitement.

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