Sidhu Moosewala Meets A Medically Unfit Fan In A Wholesome Moment

Sidhu Moosewala, who is generally seen replying to his haters and spitting hard hitting lyrics in his songs, also has a softer side. We have seen that side many times in his Music too but a recent incident truly expresses it. Sidhu Moosewala met one of his fans who wasn’t medically well. Sidhu shook hands with them and motivated him to fight back and stay strong. The video was shot and it instantly went viral on social media.

The fan was lying in a bed and wasn’t medically fit to even move out of it. When Sidhu Moosewala came to him, his friends motivated him to get up and meet his idol, but his condition did not allow him to. They told him that Sidhu has come to meet him, get up brother. Finally Sidhu Moosewala himself approached the fan and shook his hands.

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Sidhu Moosewala took the fan’s hand in his hands and motivated him. He told him that I will return and you should be completely fit at that time. His friends couldn’t stop thanking Sidhu Moosewala for coming to meet their friend and motivating him. All they wanted was to see their friend back on his feet.

Sidhu might have gone to meet the fan during his visit to villages for the upcoming State Assembly Elections 2022. The video was also shot by someone standing there and it instantly went viral over social media. While social media is filled with negativity and disturbing things, wholesome videos come off as a blessing in our feed and make our day worthwhile on social media.

Sidhu is by far one of the most loved singers in the Punjabi Music Industry but since the day he joined politics, the number of people opposing him has increased drastically. Many political experts believe that a heavy fan following in singing does not guarantee votes in elections but Sidhu is working hard and convincing people of Mansa to vote for him. The elections are set to take place on 20 February, 2022. It is yet to be seen if Sidhu will come out successful in winning the hearts of people.

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