Sidhu Moosewala’s Metaverse Concert Fake Or Real? Sidhu’s Parents Confirm

Sidhu Moosewala’s tragic and shaking death was followed by tributes from all over the world by various artists and organizations. A similar concert was recently announced by a Metaverse company.

A company that goes by the name of KoopVerse, recently announced a tribute concert for Sidhu Moosewala in a Metaverse World. The tickets for the concert were also put up for sale. The virtual concert was announced through a teaser.

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However, Bunty Bains, who officially handles Sidhu Moosewala’s management after his passing away, has confirmed to Kiddaan Team that the concert is not authorized. He, on the behalf of Sidhu Moosewala’s parents, urged fans to not fall in the trap and buy any tickets.

To keep a check on content about Sidhu, his parents had urged everyone to first take their permission before posting or conducting any event about Sidhu Moosewala. It was a way to avoid people falsely using Sidhu’s name for clout and fame.


The concert in question is not authorized by Sidhu Moosewala’s parents and they have not given them the permission to conduct it. Fans around the world are strictly advised not to buy any tickets from any source.

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