Sidhu Moosewala Previews His Song ‘Dekhi Chal’ On Snapchat Prior To Official Release

Sidhu Moosewala is the most talked-about artist from the Punjabi Industry due to the fact that he’s coming up with his second, and the most awaited film ever. ‘Yes I Am Student’ is set to make its worldwide theatrical release on 22 October, 2021. Before the audience could fall in love with the movie, its songs have connected them to the movie already.

Now, it’s time for our man to finally come back to what he does the best! After MooseTape, we have not heard a single solo track from Sidhu Moosewala. He’s released some songs but they have all been the part of his movies Moosa Jatt and Yes I Am Student. And now, Sidhu has let us all have a small preview of his upcoming single, Dekhi Chal. We got a preview of its audio version through Sidhu Moosewala’s recent Snapchat story. 

Dekhi Chal has a different vibe to it, unique to what we have listened to from the movie songs so far. Sidhu Moosewala is flowing to the beat, riding and vibing to it. The track is produced by The Kidd. Sidhu and The Kidd have become an explosive duo now. This singer-producer duo has been working together for so long and have never given their audience a disappointing track. All we have got from their side are bangers after bangers and Dekhi Chal is going to be no different.

The fact that Dekhi Chal is not a part of any of Sidhu’s movies, has let the artist be himself. Movie songs are expected to make it up with the storyline of the movie and the artist has to limit himself within that, in order to make the song movie-perfect. But, this time Sidhu’s been unleashed. He’s just going to be himself in Dekhi Chal and that’s when the best of him is actually seen.

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Nonetheless, the songs from his upcoming movie Yes I Am Student are all top-class too. Saab, Athra Style and Jaan are all individual hits. When all these bangers are clubbed together in a movie, we cannot even imagine what an amazing movie YIAS is going to turn out to be. The music department has been properly taken care of. We have two Sidhu projects to wait for now and both are expected to be superhits!

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