Sidhu Moosewala Refuses To Sing Prem Dhillon & NseeB’s Part During His Live Show

We all remember the iconic ‘Old Skool’ track. Released on 10 January, 2020, Old Skool was a collaboration between Sidhu Moosewala, Prem Dhillon and rapper NseeB. It was one of the biggest tracks of the year and as of now, has around 250 million views on Youtube. 

However, yesterday, during his live show in Dubai, Sidhu Moosewala asked the DJ to stop playing Prem Dhillon and NseeB’s verse from the above-mentioned iconic track. Sidhu can be heard instructing him to play only his verse. The audience is already speculating about a rift among Sidhu and Prem and this incident is working as a confirmation for them.

Sidhu Moosewala and Sunny Malton’s recently released collaborative track ‘Fuck Em All’ initiated this probable beef. There were numerous references in the song that fans found out to be shots fired at Prem Dhillon and Byg Byrd. Following the track, Prem Dhillon also put up a couple of Instagram stories in a probable reply to Sidhu.

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While Sidhu Moosewala refusing to play Prem Dhillon’s verse is still understandable, he also refused to play NseeB’s part. The background of this could be traced back to the time when Punjab Assembly Elections concluded with Sidhu’s defeat. NseeB had put up an Instagram story with some laughing emojis and mocking text. 

Fans had speculated that NseeB was probably making fun of Sidhu Moosewala’s defeat from the Mansa Constituency. There hadn’t been any major build up on that controversy later but it could probably be the reason behind Sidhu Moosewala refusing to play NseeB’s part. Nevertheless, all of these are assumptions until Sidhu or the other artists confirm them.

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