Sidhu Moosewala Replied To Payal Rohatgi’s Video About Him

Sidhu Moosewala didn’t ignore whatever Payal Rohatgi said about him in her recent IGTV videos on Instagram. If you don’t know what actually happened and what all Payal Rohatgi said about the leading superstar of Punjabi Industry, you can follow up the story here;

Payal Rohatgi Fires On Sidhu Moosewala, But Kept The Comments Off!

After Sidhu got to notice Payal’s video, he decided to do a live session on Instagram and there he talked about her video.

First he asked Payal to come and meet him to discuss everything she wants to, and if she wants Sidhu can himself come to meet her.

Moosewala also said that if Payal is doing such stuff and spreading hatred as a publicity stunt, then too she should have maintained a decency and knew what she was talking about. He later took a dig onto Payal’s statement of drinking coffee, and said, she is not the only one who gets to drink coffee, they drink it too, infact with a better quality.

In the live session, Sidhu compared the fan following of Payal with himself and said if Payal is so confident of what she is saying she should not be turning off the comment section. And in reply to Payal’s comment on Sidhu wanting work in Bollywood, Sidhu said he doesn’t want to be a part of Bollywood as he is happy working for Punjabi Industry.

Let us know what you think of this online fight? Do you think this will go further?

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