Sidhu Moosewala Replies To Amar Singh Padda Who Claimed To Buy Sidhu Moosewala’s Whole Property On Record

You mess with a bee hive, be ready to get stung. The host of a Canadian radio channel named Tehlka, Amar Singh Padda, a few days ago spoke something on record that was not well received by Sidhu Moosewala fans. He, on record, claimed to buy Sidhu Moosewala’s whole property, including his land, house and everything at 5% more than the market rate. That’s a big statement to make on radio!

The video soon reached Sidhu. Sidhu Moosewala is not somebody who is afraid to reply and dive into a controversy when he’s offered one. This big statement was bound to upset Sidhu and attract a reply from him. Sidhu Moosewala said that the man making the claims might be very rich financially, but they both have different meanings of money.

For him, money is not materialistic possessions, rather his fans, the people who love him, the audience he’s created through years of hard work and struggle are his real possessions. “You cannot buy something that’s not for sale”, Sidhu ended the whole debate.

Sidhu Moosewala did not settle here, talking about other stars, he further went on to say that the god has offered everyone their source of livelihood and everyone earns from it. ‘Radio hosts like you can interview only these 4-year wonder stars’, this is what Sidhu had to say at the end.

Sidhu clearly fired shots at Amar Singh for making such big statements on record. He’s always known to be somebody carrying controversies behind him wherever he goes, and this time one of them just crawled upto his home. 

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