Sidhu Moosewala Replying To Tehna’s Comments Made After Defeat In Elections?

Punjab Assembly Elections 2022 concluded with Sidhu Moosewala conceding defeat from the Mansa Constituency. Chajj Da Vichar journalist, Swarn Tehna was seen making some comments about Sidhu following the election result. Now, Sidhu Moosewala has probably replied to Swarn Tehna’s comment in his Dubai Live Show.

A video of Swarn Tehna surfaced wherein he can be heard making comments about Sidhu Moosewala. He said that singers who get thousands of likes and shares on their posts and millions of people in the live shows, think that they’ll be able to win over people, but that is all senseless talk.

Now, in a recent video that is doing rounds of social media, Sidhu Moosewala can be heard saying live from stage that a specific journalist mocked him after the elections result. He added that he might have lost elections, but still not given up writing. It is being reported that the comments were made by Sidhu during his show in Dubai.

Due to the equation between the artist and the journalist, the fans are believing that Sidhu’s comments from the stage were a shot at Swarn Tehna. Earlier, in one of his songs ‘295’, Sidhu Moosewala had made comments about Swarn Tehna and his show ‘Chajj Da Vichar’. 

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The two confronted each other in an interview before the elections. Swarn Tehna also addressed Sidhu’s lines from 295 in that interview. Fans believed that the equation among the two might actually get better after the interview but it seems like the elections have probably created a new rift among them.

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