Sidhu Moosewala Requested All To Get United Again & Reach Delhi

The singer Sidhu Moosewala recently went live on his Instagram account where he interacted with his fans and requested. He later shared the video on his Instagram profile too. He said that after whatever happened on Republic Day, there has been a lot of negative news about the farmers’ protest all around. This is not the time when we all should fight and blame each other, but stand together so that nobody thinks we are weak.

In the video, Moosewala has requested all to stay united and support the farmers who are protesting against the government’s farm bills. He also said that whatever happened is equally right and wrong in certain ways, but now is the need we all should stand hand in hand.

He appealed to his fans to reach Delhi as soon as possible and stand by farmers. He also requested his fans to avoid fake news and spreading the same.

Sidhu stated that he believes everyone needs to stand and fight together because it is the only way to win. In the end he said he will be heading towards Delhi too, and everyone else should also do the same.

His also shared posters on his Instagram stories which says,

“Poore Bharat Ki Yahi Aawaz, Delhi Chalo!”

“पूरे भारत की यही आवाज़, दिल्ली चलो।”



Phucho dELHI!!!”

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