Sidhu Moosewala Responds To Payal Rohtagi & Kangana Ranaut

Sidhu Slammed Payal

Sidhu Moosewala who is a very popular artist from the Punjabi Music Industry has responded to Kangana Ranaut and Payal Rohtagi’s statements against the farmers. Recently Payal Rohtagi who is an actress posted an IGTV video on her Instagram account which received a lot of criticism in return. In the video she talked about the Farmers and stated that the farmers are promoting a political agenda. In the video she also mentioned Diljit a Khalistani.

Actress Payal Rohtagi dealing with criticism for spreading hatred

n a video that Sidhu Moosewala posted on his Instagram account, he said he noticed Payal’s video and didn’t like it at all. He also talked about Kangana and Diljit’s clash on Twitter, in which Kangana’s replies were extremely ugly.
You can read the entire thread here,

Kangana And Diljit’s Unstoppable War On Twitter

In Sidhu’s video, he slammed the people who are trying to arise a political issue out of the farmers’ protest and requested people to ignore such people who are spreading hatred on social media and trying to provoke the common people.

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