Sidhu Moosewala Revealed Track List With Release Dates Of MooseTape

Sidhu Moosewala is the current talk of the town due to the approaching release date of his upcoming and most awaited album Moosetape. The upcoming album has succeeded in creating a lot of buzz on social media as every fan accounts of Moosewala are continuously updating the fans about the same.

And now he has revealed one more exciting detail about Moosetape which seems like he has planned to make the summers hotter this year. Sidhu Moosewala has announced the tracklist of the album with the exact dates of release on his Instagram account.

He shared a post, in which he mentioned all 30 tracks from the album which will be released from 15th May to July 21st. 

Moosetape Intro: Bitch I’m Back- May 15th

Burberry- May 17th

Burberry Video- May 19th

Racks And Rounds ft Sikander Kahlon-  May 21st

US- May 23rd

US Video- May 25th

Moosedrilla ft Divine May 27th

Brown Shortie ft Sonam Bajwa- May 29th

Brown Shortie Video- May 31st

Aroma- June 2nd

Goat- June- 4th

Goat Video- 6th

Sidhu Son- June 8th

Me And My Girlfriend- June 10th

Me And My Girlfriend Video- June 12th

These Days ft Bohemia- June 14th

Signed to God- June 16th

Signed to God Video- June 18th

Regret- June 20th

Malwa Block- June 22nd

Malwa Block Video- June 24th

B&W- June 26th

Celebrity Killer ft Tion Wayne- June 28th

Celebrity Killer Video- June 30th

Invincible ft Stefflon Don- July 2nd

G Shit ft Block Boi Twitch- July 4th

G Shit Video- July 6th

Built Different- July 8th

Calaboose- July 10th

Calaboose Video- July 12th

295- July 14th

Idgaf ft Morrison- July 16th

Idgaf Video- July 18th

Power- July 20th

Power Video- July 21st 

Boo Call
Real One 
Chacha Huu
Amli Talk
Trial Day

Also, mark this additional information that the upcoming album will be released officially on Spotify. 

The official account of Spotify shared a promotional video in which we can see Sidhu Moosewala talking about the release of his album.

Moosetape is one of the most awaited projects of Punjabi Music Industry and because it’s by Sidhu Moosewala, all the buzz and excitement around is quite obvious. 

Are you excited as it’s finally releasing soon?

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