Sidhu Moosewala Seemingly Fires Shots At Garry Sandhu! New Controversy Cooking Up?

Sidhu Moosewala and Garry Sandhu are two names that are into controversies often but it is probably the first instance that both the names are together into a controversy. The controversy connects Sidhu Moosewala most recent Instagram live to a statement made by Garry back in May, 2021.

In May, Garry Sandhu took to social media to make a shocking announcement. The singer revealed that he had damaged his voice due to excessive consumption of alcohol and various reasons. He even said that he has a couple of songs recorded, and those might be the last songs of his life. But later, Garry went on to release a whole bunch of songs and even released an album, Adhi Tape.

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Sidhu Moosewala recently came live on Instagram to have an interaction with his fans who had been awaiting an update on songs from the artist. Sidhu revealed in the live that he hadn’t been making songs recently because he had damaged his vocal cords. Sidhu said that there was swelling in his throat and he couldn’t even speak but now he’s all fine.

After telling his fans about the issue he had with his vocals, Sidhu went on to say something that the audience has connected to Garry Sandhu’s months old statement. Sidhu said that he didn’t reveal about his vocals earlier because the artist didn’t want to gain sympathy like others who first claim that they can’t sing and then go on to release multiple songs.

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Though Sidhu didn’t specifically mention any artist, the fans are making their speculation that Sidhu was talking about Garry Sandhu in this line. Do you think Sidhu Moosewala was referring to Garry or did he just make a random statement?

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