Release Of Sidhu Moosewala’s Posthumous Song ‘Jaandi Vaar’ Restrained By A Court In Punjab

Sidhu Moosewala’s upcoming posthumous song ‘Jaandi Vaar’ seems to have been stuck in a web of problems. The release of Sidhu’s recently announced track has been restrained by a court in Punjab.

According to a report of IANS, a court in Punjab has restrained the release of Sidhu’s upcoming song. The court also directed the orders for taking down all the promotional content and advertising related to the Moosewala’s upcoming posthumous track “Jaandi Vaar” 

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IANS informed this news via a tweet that reads, “A court in #Punjab restrained the release of the song “Jaandi Vaar” of late Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, popularly known as #SidhuMoosewala, along with a direction for taking down all promotional content and advertisements with respect to the song on all media platforms.”

Earlier, music director & composer Salim Merchant has also postponed the release of the song after Punjabi lyricist and composer Bunty Bains alleges that the track is not authorised by Sidhu’s parents. Salim posted a video on Instagram on August 28 saying that he will release the track after discussing with Sidhu’s parents.

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In the video he said, “I announced three days back about the release of Jaandi Vaar featuring Sidhu Moosewala on September 2nd. Sidhu’s fans were excited and delighted after the announcement but the track’s release will be incomplete without the blessings of Sidhu’s parents. They want us to delay the release of the song, so we will decide the release date of Jaandi Vaar after discussion with Sidhu’s parents. Sidhu and Afsana have sung with all their heart in this song. This song was recorded with Sidhu’s consent. He collaborated with me and Afsana for this song and he was very happy and excited with this track. And I promise that Sidhu’s fans will also love this song.. Jaandi Vaar releasing very soon…”

Salim Merchant has announced the song ‘Jaandi Vaar’ with Sidhu Moosewala and Afsana Khan through an Instagram video on August 24. Later Bunty Bains and Gold Media alleged that the release of Jaandi Vaar is not authorized by Sidhu’s parents and Salim Merchant should postpone the release of the song. Bains also claimed that Salim Merchant is using Sidhu’s vocals for commercialisation.

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After all these allegations Salim Merchant has postponed the release of Jaandi Vaar and now a court has also restrained the advertising and promotion of Sidhu’s upcoming song. It seems like Sidhu’s fans have to wait a little longer to listen to their favorite’s posthumous track…

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