SYL Song Banned? Sidhu Moosewala’s Song Removed From YouTube

Sidhu Moosewala’s SYL was shattering records on International Charts but now, the song is no longer available in India. Sidhu Moosewala’s SYL song has been removed from Youtube in India due to a legal complaint by the government.

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Upon opening the song on Youtube, the user can no longer listen to the song. It was the first ever song to be released after the death of Sidhu Moosewala on 29 May by multiple gunshots. The song was released by the team on Youtube and other platforms on 23 June.

SYL Song reoved

The song talked about the Satluj-Yamuna-Link Canal Project. It immediately became a subject of discussion all around the country. People started presenting their opinions and views on the topic. 

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The song had also received criticism for its subject. Many artists from Haryana criticised the song and some even released songs in reply to the song. As of now, the song is no longer available in India on Youtube. However, it is still available on some streaming platforms but the future of the song on those platforms also remains uncertain.

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